Welcome to Stellamary University
Written by Pro Chancellor
An Important part of that tradition has been to encourage students to have serious purpose and sincere interest in their intellectual, moral, cultural and social development with the goal of acquiring those skills and credentials that could be used to promote the cause of technology through innovation and adaptation after your career in the institution.


The vision of the Stella Maris University is to be a world-class university providing students with comprehensive programmes filled with problem-solving content providing the highest quality education in theology, science, and technology so that the graduate can enhance him or herself and  society.
Thus, the University will take advantage of the great advances in pedagogical and didactic methods to:

  • Foster new ways of organizing academic studies to open greater participation for both ecclesiastical and lay students;
  • Encourage closer connection and dialogue between the arts and sciences;
  • Discern and evaluate both the conditions of and contradictions among modern cultures to make students more suited to the total development of the individual and society; and
  • Relate human affairs as a “single living synthesis.



Admission and selection of students will involve oral interview to complement the qualifying University Matriculation Examinations. Every effort will be made to ensure transparency and integrity of the internal interview to make it devoid of cheating and examination fraud to ensure high quality student adjmissions into the university which is critical to quality output. Admission will, however, be open to all regardless of sex, tribe, race, ethnicity, ideology, and belief. ...